Warby Parker Home Try-On Program

Monday, July 28, 2014

If you're anything like me, you live in a pair of sunglasses during the summer. I usually always have this weird tan line across the bridge of my nose from wearing glasses so much in the summer. Ah, well. There are worse problems to have. My style of sunglasses hasn't changed very much through the years. Well, except for that one time when I was 10 and wore a pair of sunglasses with red-tinted lenses everywhere. I lost them in Union Station one day, thank the good Lord! Other than that unfortunate style choice, I tend to stick to an aviator or ray ban style. They're both easy classic styles to pull off and look so summery. 

After our beach trip a few weeks ago, my sunglasses were struggling. They had seen the bottom of a beach bag one too many times and kept falling off my face whenever I would slightly move my head. I had heard bits and pieces about Warby Parker and their Home Try-On program before, but now that my sunglasses had bit the dust it seemed like a good time to try it out.

Here's how it works:

You pick out the glasses you like. Warby Parker ships them straight to your door for free. You try them on, take photos, and play around with the PartyParty app (oh, just me?) until you've found the pair you like the best. Then you pack them up in their pretty little box and send them back to Warby Parker with the order slip of which ones you want.  For people like me, who are skeptical of buying products online without seeing them first, this is huge! Another thing worth noting is that for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker will give a pair to someone in need. Pretty cool, huh? 

I tried the Halford in jet silver, Madison in whisky tortoise, Thatcher in revolver black, Paley in whisky tortoise, and Neville in revolver black matte. And the winner was......Halford, although Thatcher was running a close second. I just couldn't give up my aviator look.

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