Where was your first date?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Wednesday, Mark and I will have been together for 5 years. Also known as half a decade. Also known a really freaking long time.

We had our first date together on the beach at Tybee Island. We didn't think of it as a "date" at the time, but after a year of dating I made Mark nail down when exactly it was that we started dating. Whenever people asked we would both shrug, because we really didn't know. Eventually, we proclaimed July 30, 2009, the date of our first date. And, just like that, 5 years have flown by since that day. We're not doing anything special this week. Mark thinks it's ridiculous to celebrate a first date anniversary, but I still like to remind him. I'm always trying to get him to celebrate our engagement anniversary too, so you can kinda see why he gets exasperated about it all. :)

So, spill the beans, where did you and your significant other go on your first date? Do you celebrate its anniversary or have you totally forgotten it by now?

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  1. Oh MAN. We're going on five years together too (or six, depending on who you ask)! Our first date was to the Boston waterfront followed by a walk around the city. It was November so it was freezing, but it's still our favorite spot in the city. We got engaged there too! But now that we have a wedding anniversary, I think we're putting our dating anniversary aside. Though maybe Craig will surprise me...

    1. I was in Boston this past January and froze my cheeks off, so I can only imagine. Funny how little details like that don't matter on a first date, though.

  2. My Mark and I count our "first date" from New Years in 2009, even though we technically started talking around Thanksgiving a few months prior. We had to do the same thing as you and your hubby: nail down a "this is where it allllll started" day. So I guess its been five years for us too!

    1. Haha, I know! It's hard to distinguish when the "talking" ends and the "dating" starts. It just sorta happens. :)


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