Love Letter to a Porch

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dear porch,

We didn't give you much thought when we first moved into this little house. We were glad you were here and in the back of our mind there was a small inkling of what we could do with you, but at that moment it was late December. You weren't exactly inviting and, besides, there were boxes to deal with, rooms to clean and things to organize. As the polar vortex dragged on and on, you began to loom larger in our minds. You were the bright beacon of spring and dreaming up ideas for you was a glimmer of hope in a never-ending winter of ice and snow. There were a few warm days in February and March, as Virginia weather tends to be a huge tease during those early spring months. During those days, our dreams and plans for you would go wild. We started sketching out an actual plan and added to you little by little. The days would turn cold again but we had a clear picture of spring in our minds. On a day in mid-March while it poured freezing rain outside, Mark began hammering and sawing and nailing until we had ourselves some porch seating. We added a rug, some outdoor pillows, and string lights. You were coming together and we fell in love with you hard. We added some potted plants and began eating our meals with you every night. The days warmed up and the humidity came. We flipped on your crickety ceiling fan and spent all of our afternoons out there anyway. Every morning before work, I would step out on you with a bowl of breakfast in my hand. The world was quiet outside of your old, torn screen. Sundays were my favorite, though. After lunch, we would lounge out there together - Mark and I - and eventually we would both doze off to the sounds of the outdoors. We had no idea how much use we would get out of you when we moved here, but you've been a good little porch. I have already taken some blankets out there so we can keep using you as the nights grow chillier. We don't know how many more summers we'll get out of you, but I have some great memories from this summer because of you.

Thanks, little porch.

See more pictures of our porch here.

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