Taking Stock (August)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Can you believe that there's only four months left to this year? I still feel like 2014 just got here. I thought it'd be fun to do these posts at the beginning of each month as a reminder of where I am, what I'm doing and what I'm thinking about right now.


Looking: forward to some special weekends this month

Making: a list of furniture for Mark to make. There's a growing pile of wood in the garage and I'm dreaming about cute little nightstands and end tables.

Cooking: Bubba burgers for dinner. After growing up on home-grown Angus beef, it seems wrong to eat any kind of store-bought, frozen hamburgers but these guys aren't half bad! They're easy to throw together, taste great, and Mark seems to likes them! Win, win, win.

Reading: Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I picked it up at Target last month to read at the beach, but didn't start reading it until now. I've realized that I'm a really bad reader when I don't have a library due date looming over my head!

Watching: I've been having a Friday Night Lights marathon lately on Netflix. These rainy evenings aren't helping either. Mark isn't watching the show with me, but he's heard it on so much that he's started walking around the house imitating their Texas accents.

Listening: to lots of Avett Brothers and Pistol Annies. Two great songs by them: Ballad of Love and Hate and I Hope You're the End of My Story

Trying: to love the gloomy days as much as the sunny ones

Enjoying: these lovely Instagram feeds: @weresolve and @awelltraveledwoman

Needing: to go grocery shopping, but I can't bring myself to meal plan at the moment. I don't think that's something I'll ever get excited about. Tell me all yo tips!

Wearing: the comfiest maxi skirts from Target's clearance section. I've been challenging myself to find creative ways to dress them up enough to wear to the office and I always feel sneaky when I pull it off. It's like wearing pajamas to work without anyone realizing it!

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  1. TEXAS FOREVER. Glad we both took stock on the same day :)

    1. I might be crushing a little on that gruff Tim Riggin's voice. :)


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