Weekend links 8.8.14

Friday, August 08, 2014

I've been working on just writing lately without rushing to hit the Publish button. My drafts folder is filling up and that makes me happy, but instead of rushing to post them I'm letting them sit and marinate a little. Each day I'll come back to them, tweak and revise, and then let them sit a little more. I love this quote by Todd Sieling about slow blogging: "Not all things worth reading are written quickly and many thoughts are best served after being fully baked and worded in even temperament." We're headed out of town for a few days next week, so with that in mind I have decided to let the blog sit for a week. No new posts, just me typing away in the background, spilling out thoughts and then letting them "bake" for a few days. Have a wonderful weekend and coming week!

Links for your weekend:

Why don't British singers have British accents when they sing?
Loved this post on leading a thoughtful life.
8 free apps to check out.
If you take the majority of your photos with an iPhone, these tips are for you.
A cute idea for anniversary photos.
Celebrities and their historical twins - freaky.
I've been wanting to add a coffee table to our porch. This DIY-version is awesome.

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