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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Having stores only a few blocks away is so very easy to take for granted. When I was growing up, it took a good 45 minutes to get to Target and closer options were seriously limited. Dollar Tree or Food Lion - take your pick! I quickly learned the joys of having Target a few minutes away when I first moved to Richmond. My wallet also learned what it meant to have Target a few minutes away :/. Yikes!

An advantage of being in the city is there are plenty of other shopping options beside Target. In Richmond, there's a wide variety of places to shop. We have some pretty great malls with your typical department stores (you just have to fight traffic to get there). Carytown has great shopping options available, including (my favorite) lots of consignment shops where I can grab J.Crew clothes for half the price!

Some of my favorite shops in and around Richmond:

Ashby: This is the store that turned me onto consignment shopping. (The photos above are from here). I love that I can shop a wide variety of brands at once. It's like having clothing options from multiple different stores curated for you on a clearance rack. Ashby also has two sister stores: Clementine (for higher priced items) and Clover (for kids' consignment). Both are worth a visit!

Mongrel: If I need a last minute gift, this is where I go. Mongrel sells "cool stuff for all breeds of humans" and it's true! They have something for everyone.

Willow Lawn Shopping Center: This place has started booming in the last few years. There's new shops and restaurants coming in every month. I like it because it has the essentials, like Target and Old Navy.

Anthropologie: We all say we love this shop, but the times that I actually hand over my money to this company is few and far between. Still, it's great for creative field trips and whenever they're having a sale on their sale.

Libbie & Grove and Carytown: These two shopping havens are best suited for lazy afternoon strolls. The window shopping is superb and there are plenty of restaurants tucked in between the shops. There's also the added fun of people watching!

This post is a part of an ongoing series of things I love about Richmond, VA. To read more Local Guide posts, click here.

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