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Monday, September 15, 2014

+ I'm still waiting for the perfect time to enjoy my first caramel apple spice of the season. I have a feeling it's coming soon. This fall weather is inevitable. Plus I've got a few Bing Rewards coupons burning a hole in my pocket.

+ I learned how to roast coffee beans the other day. One of our clients needed photos of their coffee roasting set-up, so I was nominated to go forth with a camera. It's a pretty neat process to watch, even for this non-coffee drinking girl.

+ I've started watching The Office again. Mark refuses to watch the show with me because he can't stand the jerky camera movements, so instead I repeat all the hilarious parts back to him. Except they're never as funny when I retell them, so I think I'm just solidifying his stance on not watching the show. Ah well.

+ I'm scared to death of winter this year. You would think I live in Game of Thrones world the way I've been carrying on about winter coming. But really, you guys, it's supposed to be really bad and I don't know if I can handle another polar vortex. Time to move to south Florida.

+ Speaking of... we've started searching for another rental. My Pinterest feed keeps grossly inflating my standards and my Zillow searches keep crushing them one by one. Is a small house, nice location, new appliances, and no bugs/animals/pests of any kind too much to ask for?

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