Weekend links 9.26.14

Friday, September 26, 2014

I am so excited about this weekend. After a gray, rainy, and downright frigid week that almost killed me (chronically cold people unite!), the sun has come out and it is just beautiful outside. This is my kind of fall. I am still wearing my scarves and sweaters while everyone else is back in shorts and t-shirts, complaining about the heat wave. Psh. I'm on a mission this weekend to find some mini pumpkins and those weird gray gourds for our doorstep. Wish me luck.

A list of simple things to do this fall.
I just recently started listening to podcasts. Excited to check out these recommendations!
"Enduring love is not found, it’s chosen, it’s made, it’s fought for..."
Love this modern house number DIY.
Oh, the lovely Oxford comma. My years as a journalism student have skewed my thinking on it.
A story about shoes (Elise always has the best blog posts).
Have you updated to iOS 8 yet? Here are 8 shortcuts to help you out.
Why are we so obsessed with Gilmore Girls?
A great post on intentional friend-making: "Friendships are too often at our fingertips (texting, Instagram, blogs we love to read)-- the easiest thing is to just let our friends live inside our phones."
Just discovered this lovely lady's shop and everything is so pretty!
I need this calendar.

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