What I'm Reading (and watching), Vol. Twenty-Five

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why it's impossible to make plans anymore (via Alex Cornell)
Once heralded as a firm commitment to an event in the future, a plan is now largely considered to be a string of noncommittal text messages leading up to a series of potential, though unlikely, events.

Our stories matter: Why we love Humans of New York (via Verily Magazine)
Many of Stanton's admirers -- established critics and intrigued web visitors alike -- note with amazement that his photographs expose the humanity of his subjects, as though to do so is something all too rare in daily life. But in many ways, street photography's most gripping attribute is how it can serve as homage to the infinite varieties of being and awaken us to the beauty in everyday life. Whether through portraits of lonely adults or cheerful snaps of children dressed in their mismatched finest, photographers like Stanton lend credence to the notion that those parts of life regularly deemed unremarkable are expressions of the universal human condition. Subjects chosen at random both celebrate idiosyncrasy and highlight our shared experience, reminding us that even those we would normally ignore are complex and worthy of wonder.

On Fall, My 4th Favorite Season (via Shauna)
When you fall-lovers get all excited about apple picking or football games or pumpkin spice lattes, all I see is NO MORE SUMMER. And in my opinion, those quintessential fall things pale in comparison to summer. Boots? I prefer sandals. Apple pie? I'd choose strawberry shortcake any day. Pumpkin spice latte? JUST GIVE ME SUMMER BACK! I don't like cinnamon & spice flavors, I don't wear orange or brown ever, no matter the season, and I don't want my house to smell like pie or nutmeg or leaves. I value all four seasons. I appreciate the theological significance of leaves falling, trees preparing to lie dormant before another season of new life can begin. Both my babies will be fall babies, and I do love honeycrisp apples. Fall's not all bad. But try as you might to change my mind, I'll always be a summer girl, and fall will always be my 4th favorite season.

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