Weekend links 10.31.14

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's going to be c-c-c-old here this weekend. Stick around a little longer, won't ya fall? I'm planning on pulling out the tall boots and tights, bundling up, and enjoying my weekend anyway. Because that's what you do. We're going to be traveling some too, so I might even splurge and buy me a caramel apple spice (my first in 30 days!).

It's been a busy week, so I only have a few links to share today. Enjoy!

I love the idea of making your home a haven. I think it should be that way for spouses too, not just children.

I started listening to this podcast this week. I'm completely hooked and Mark (who only hears bits and pieces of it as I listen) has started asking me for regular updates.

A college class called Wasting Time on the Internet actually exists.

Whole30 is over, gimme all the cobbler. I want to try these two recipes, one with peaches and one with blueberries.

Love this fun spin on keeping a journal. My problem would be keeping up with it year after year.

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