10 things that make me terribly happy

Monday, November 10, 2014

Have you ever had one of those evenings when you're sitting in the living room with your husband, cozied up under a blanket, he's typing away on his computer, you're listening to some music, the house is clean, dinner was delicious and you're feeling so terribly happy about so many things that you need to make a list in your phone? Hopefully you have, because those kinds of evenings are the best. Here's what has been making me terribly happy lately:

1. Finishing Whole30
2. Sunny weekends
3. Finally having heat in the office
4. New library books
5. A clean house
6. Bacon for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)
7. Asian pears
8. Holiday anticipation
9. Piles of blankets on the bed at night
10. Candles in the windowsill

What has been making you terribly happy this week?

Thanks to Naomi for the original post inspiration. Also, I found this similar post in the archives from two years ago.

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