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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

+ It's definitely winter again. The dry hands and crazy static-y hair are back! I stocked up on several bottles of Burt Bee's yesterday -- one for the house, one for my purse, and one for the office -- and I've been applying ChapStick like a mad woman. Ughh, weather.

+ I'm excited about holiday traveling this week. I know most people dread it, but I think it's exciting! I love a busy, bustling airport (just as long as I don't miss my flight or catch ebola).

+  I have been cooking meals lately like the domestic goddess I am not. Some favorites lately have been this chicken fajita soup and this chicken enchilada soup. Sounds like basically the same thing, I know, but they each had very different flavors. I topped them both off with some sour cream and tortilla strips. Mostly though, I just love having something delicious waiting for me in the slow cooker when I get home from work.

+ I've been having trouble falling asleep at night lately. I don't know what it is, but it sucks. I'm a little embarrassed to share my solution, but it seriously has been working like a charm: piano Christmas carols on Spotify. A good piano version of Silent Night and I am out. Whatever works.

+ Speaking of Christmas, I bought evergreen garlands for our mantel this week. Too early? Probably.

+ I've made grand plans to teach myself how to crochet over the holidays. Things could get ugly, but let's just hope they don't. I've already bought my hook and yard and have been practicing chains and single stitches. That's as far as I've gotten. If you know of any great tutorials, please share! This very non-crafty girl would appreciate all your tips & tricks.

+ Have you ever heard of a side-dish-only Thanksgiving. I have to say, I would be totally down with it. As long as the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls are provided, I'll be a happy camper. And dessert. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without dessert.

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