Weekend links 11.21.14

Friday, November 21, 2014

Headphones + new episode of Serial + rake + yard full of leaves. Let's do this, weekend.

The authors of Gone Girl and Wild got together for an interview.

5 kitchen essentials you should always buy at thrift stores.

This parody has been cracking me up all week. #noskinnybritches

Wishing for: these tights and this door mat

Love the look of these field guides.

The Downsizing Uprising. "There's something about downsizing that smooths the rough edges away."

The perfect gift for those of us who are obsessed with straight lines: the lettermate.

And since it wouldn't be a true weekend links post without something about Serial: Charts for people who are obsessed with Serial and Behind the strange podcast phenomenon of Mailkimp.

Oh, and there's only 5 more days until Thanksgiving! Whoot whoot!

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