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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's officially the holidays! We spent last weekend with Mark's family, this weekend we'll be with my family, and the weekend after that with a combination of both Mark's and my family. There's nothing like dragging the holidays out for as long as possible, right? I'll probably be checking out for a few weeks after this post. There are still a few work days scattered throughout the upcoming weeks, but for the most part it feels like vacation and I'm a-ok with that. Honestly, I'm more excited about sleeping in for the rest of the week than anything else.

 Have a happy holiday! 

Which airplane seat you choose says a lot about you. (I always pick the window seat.)

I'm a total sucker for new pens. Adding these to my Christmas wishlist.

This article dissected the final episode of Serial very well.

Why you should use Bloglovin', I tried switching to Feedly, but Bloglovin' has my heart.

This sweater makes me want to learn how to knit ASAP.

A New York advertising agency rearranged its office around millennials.

I'm drooling over this Free People sweater that I discovered on Zipped. If only that price tag wasn't quite so painful.

A peek inside the home of Trouve Mag creator, Amanda Marko.

I want to go see this movie over the holidays.

A really cute way to keep track of states you've visited.

I'm obsessed with all the chunky knit blankets I've seen on Pinterest lately, like this onethis one, and this one. I'm determined to make my own one of these days!

Ever wonder what happens to all those Christmas presents you return?

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