Hashtag Favorites, v. 3

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Artist Josh Hara draws the most amazing doodles on the back of his Starbucks coffee cups and documents them on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #100coffeecups. Not only are his drawing skills admirable, but his wit and humor never fail to make me laugh!

How to follow along: @yoyoha

This hashtag series was created by the writer of Design Crush blog. Last year, she chronicled #365quotes and this year she's moved on to #365lyrics. There's a new one posted every day on her Instagram account. Although she writes down some pretty great lyrics, I think I'm a fan of this one mostly because of her awesome handwriting.

How to follow along: @designcrush

I can totally get behind a hashtag that promotes the simplicity of weekends.

How to follow along: @protectingweekends or @alexandratranson

See more favorite hashtags here and here.

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  1. umm i LOVE this!
    new people to follow on instagram - esp the coffee cups. that is so adorable!!


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