My 4 non-resolutions for 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

I've never been that person who makes resolutions on January 1st. There's always so much stress put on making the ideal resolution. Something that is perfect and will have the perfect effect on our life. In reality, we're just digging a bigger stress-hole for ourselves. We're setting lofty pies in the sky and we're worn out by Valentine's Day when we realize we can't reach them.

This year instead of declaring a resolution, I decided to make four actionable non-resolutions. They aren't Pinterest-worthy resolutions, but they are all things I can accomplish this month,  some even this week. The idea is that, hopefully, by doing these four simple things they'll turn into habits by the end of the year. And, if not, I'll have accomplished these things at least once and that will make me happy.

Organize one dresser drawer.
Not the whole dresser. Not even two drawers. Just one. It's a boring job that can easily be accomplished in an hour after work, but I'll finally have a dresser drawer that actually closes.

Do another Whole30.
If you had told me that I would be considering this while we were in the middle of Whole30 this past October, I would have laughed in your face. But, alas, here we are. I think we've decided to do it during February this year (so technically it'll be closer to a Whole28). The simple truth is that we both felt enormously better while doing Whole30 and the things I thought I would miss the most (pasta! doughnuts! cake! fast food!), I really don't crave anymore. In fact, lots of those things don't even taste good to me anymore. So back to Whole30 it is.

Buy a new notebook.
Since the beginning of this year, I've been in such a writing rut. I even debated quitting this blog altogether. Ultimately, I think it's just a case of writing burn-out. Between writing all day at work and then blogging in my spare time, the words have just dried up. So, in an effort to get out of this rut, my non-resolution is to by a fresh new notebook and write anything and all the things. Not for the blog or for work, but for the simple act of writing. And if it ends up being a notebook full of grocery lists, then so be it.

Save my pennies for a manicure. 
I've never been a manicure kind of girl, mostly because I'm always biting my nails off. But then I actually got a manicure and realized I don't bite my nails when they have polish on them. Yes, I am basically a six-year-old. So this year (or at least this winter), I've decided to save my extra pennies for manicures and, hopefully, get rid of the stupid habit of nail-biting once and for all. The next step for me is to learn how to choose the right nail color. When I went last week, I picked out what I thought was a pretty nude color. In the sunlight, though, it turns a sickly yellow color so my fingernails look as if they're growing some sort of fungus right now. Bright side: I'm not biting them. These non-resolutions are already working!

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  1. "if it ends up being a notebook full of grocery lists, then so be it."

    haha! I love that. I think I am going to follow suit and write down a ton of stuff too!

  2. Ooh yes! Getting manicures totally saves me from my nail biting habit. I'm not so good at picking colors (I tend to stick to classics -- plums, reds, pinks), but I do like me a good grey!

    1. Grey seems to be so popular this year! I want to try it, but am afraid it'll come across looking ashy and dead-like. Ha!


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