Weekend links 1.31.15

Saturday, January 31, 2015

After moaning and groaning last week about January, this week took a complete 360 degree turn. We got our first snow (that lasted all of four hours and then disappeared), I was able to wrap up some major projects at work, and we ended the week with sushi and American Sniper. Now I'm looking forward to two more days that will hopefully be filled with lots of reading time, maybe a nap or two, and some general all-around laziness.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Living the life you want to live vs. simply buying things that represent that life. This was one of the best posts I read this week.

Four ways to keep your home organized while still working full-time.

In honor of Super Bowl XLIX, I had to include this commercial from last year. Probably my all-time favorite Super Bowl ad.

How to make your own blogging planner.

I just noticed this week that Elsie Larson, one of the powerhouse bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess, color coordinates her Instagram feed. Majorly impressed.

Three popular wavy hair tutorials put to the test.

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