Surviving February

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February is a tough month. It may be the shortest of the twelve, but it packs a wallop with its bitterly cold days, gray skies, and overall mental toll. It is just far enough from the holidays to make people tired of winter and just far enough from spring to make us all depressed. I'd like to think that people who are born in February are built a little tougher. They have to be.

These past two weeks of February have been hard. What started as a glorious snow fall ended in ice, dirt, slush, and accidents. Most of my experience with snow involves everything coming to a screeching halt until the snow melts (which usually takes no longer than a day). Because the sub-zero temps refused to let the snow melt this week, we Virginians had to learn how to actually function in snow. Trust me, it was hard on all of us.

I shoveled a driveway of snow for the first time in my life. And comforted myself with about 3 dozens of homemade cookies afterwards. That's what it takes to get through February. Finding joy in little things  -  like freshly-baked cookies, houses with bright red doors, and comfort food.

The nasty colds that have been going around decided to hit our house this past weekend. Luckily, I haven't caught it yet but we spent the majority of our weekend curled up with Netflix and those cookies I mentioned above. When we did venture out of the house, it was to pick up soup and doughnuts (great combo!). The doughnut shop was giving away a 12 inch doughnut (12 inch!!) to anyone who could name all of the Little Women. Guess who took home the giant sprinkle donut?! Thanks, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. If the coughing and sniffling noses don't kick our butt, the sugar coma we put ourselves in definitely will.

In other news, I finally took down the Christmas decorations and made a special trip to Trader Joe's for flowers and greenery to cover the house in. When the snow just won't stop, fresh flowers are an absolute must. Thankfully, we've had a few warm(er) days lately and the snow is slowly beginning to disappear. I can't imagine living in places that are still getting pummeled with snow storms. You have my utmost respect and sympathy. Stay warm, everybody. Spring is a mere three weeks away!

P.S. If you can ignore the language, I think this accurately describes everyone's sentiments on February.

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  1. I agree! If my birthday weren't in February, I think I would just draw a big red X on our calendar for the entire month. Especially since that last storm robbed us of power, heat, and water for 5 days. Ugh!


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