Taking Stock - February edition

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making: plans for the summer. Mid-February is about the time I start dreaming about all things sun, sand, and ocean.

Drinking: fruit smoothies

Reading: Dollbaby by Laura Lane. I haven't finished it yet, but already I would highly recommend it!

Trying: to keep our house cleaned for showings. Knowing strangers will be walking through our home is a great incentive to clean, clean, clean.

Noticing: that it's not getting dark at 4:45pm anymore. Every day there's a few more minutes of daylight!

Wanting: to do a paint by number since reading this post. I'm sure I would be awful at it, but these winter evenings seem like a good time to try something new.

Watching: Crossing Lines (love the accents in this show) and The Americans (oh, '80s fashion!).

Obsessing: over donuts and chocolate-chip cookies. Whole30 will do that to you.

Waiting: not-so-patiently for spring.

Listening: to George Ezra and Nikki Lane, both of which I highly recommend!

Loving: when my husband cleans the house for me. Talk about the way to a girl's heart...

Bookmarking: house plans on Pinterest

Wearing: chambray and flats (oh how I've missed you!)

Marveling: over the fact that I haven't bought fresh flowers yet this winter. That needs to be remedied asap.

Wishing: there was more time in a day.

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