Things You See During a February Heat Wave

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Common sites during a February heat wave

1. Car windows rolled down
2. Car radios turned up
3. Packed restaurant patios
4. Lots of pale, pasty skin
5. People wheezing on park benches from lack of exercise (me)
6. Dogs frolicking in brown winter grass
7. Mothers out with their broods, releasing three months of pent-up energy
8. Hipsters with cameras
9. College students splayed out in the grass
10. Footballs being thrown
11. Shop owners standing in their open doorways
12. Bright sun and bare branches
13. Overall giddiness

In typical February fashion, we had a random heat wave this past weekend that deserved celebrating. We were hardly indoors all weekend and my outside-lovin' husband was in heaven. I wasn't complaining either. We spent Sunday afternoon exploring the James River Park system in downtown Richmond. We marched across the Pipeline looking for Great Blue Herons and then made our way across the river to Belle Isle on the Tredegar footbridge. We took our time and soaked up every ounce of sunshine that poured down on us. The wind shook the footbridge and cooled us down, but even that couldn't put a damper on our day. It's funny how no matter the length of winter, there's nothing compared to that first spring-like day. The fever has hit hard. Come on, Spring!

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