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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vol. thirty-five
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Borrow a kid (via Austin Kleon)
"For so many years we have been learning to judge and dismiss -- I know what that thing is -- I've seen it a hundred times -- and we've lost the complex realities, laws, and details that surround us," write Kent and Steward in Learning By Heart. "Try looking the way the child looks -- as if always for the first time -- and you will, I promise, feel wider awake." Borrow a kid, Spend some time trying to see through their eyes. You will discover new things.

Spending time (via Design for Mankind)
Order the snow boots, I say to myself, if the time saved adventuring is wisely spent adventuring. Grab takeout tonight, I say to myself, if the time saved serving is wisely spent serving. Skip yoga, or the morning walk, or the dinnertime run, if the time saved in activity -- gratitude for our pulsing blood, pumping hearts -- is wisely spent in activity. I believe time cannot be squandered, earmarked. I believe time is here, and it is offered, and it is a gift not meant to be replaced with activities that promise to save more of it.

When in doubt, make a list (via Scott Berkun)
Many projects, despite how high-brow and complex they are, simply need someone to stand up, go to the whiteboard, and make a list of all the things that need to be done (and remember, everything in life is a project). We've convinced ourselves we're so amazing that if we're stuck it must require a high powered and complex method to save us, but that's hubris. A well written list is the fastest way out of most problematic situation. It's true when working alone or with a team.

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