Winter finally showed up

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just when I was resigning myself to the fact that there would be no snow days this winter, Octavia pummeled us with around six inches of snow. The best part of a snow storm in Virginia is the day before it happens. Every one is trying to play it cool (because, c'mon, we never get a big snow storm), but on the inside you know everyone is freaking out. Schools were closed before the first flakes even fell and the lines at the grocery stores were ridiculous. 

I left work early on Monday and have been happily snowed in since then. I could do without the cold and ice, but the sunshine that is flooding my house is just perfect. They're calling for historic low temperatures for the rest of the week, so in the meantime you'll find me wearing 10 layers and a blanket. 

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  1. I love the photos! Unfortunately, in Maryland with all the same events, they just go right on ahead with the normal work days! Come snow, ice, or sleet-- they don't slow down.

    1. Boo! There's no point of snow if you don't get a snow day.


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