Over the Weekend

Monday, March 09, 2015

// An Ed Trask mural downtown //

// Walking the Pipeline, getting windburn and loving it //

// I'll just watch from here, thanks very much. //

// It's such a typical spring photo when there's still dead leaves lying around on the ground from the cold winter months. // 

// Birthday celebrating at The Pearl + fish tacos are my newest obsession //

There is always this inevitable period at the beginning of spring's arrival when I try to "force" it to be warmer than it actually is by putting aside the sweaters and boots and wearing a short skirt or t-shirt instead. It never works and I end up shivering from cold instead. But this week's weather forecast looks downright dreamy and now that we've sprung forward an hour, it's only a matter of weeks before sunshine and flip-flops and beach trips and the BEST SEASON EVER arrives. Get excited with me!

We spent this weekend soaking up every ounce of vitamin D we could get. We tried walking over to Belle Isle on Saturday but the melted snow had created so much mud that we didn't get very far. Instead, we went down to the river and watched the swollen rapids rushing downstream. Everything smelled like fresh dirt and spring! There were some brave souls kayaking through the rapids who either had nerves of steel or really great wetsuits. We rounded out the night with a belated birthday celebration with the fam at The Pearl. Due to conflicting schedules and an inconviently-timed Whole30, our February birthday got pushed to March. We celebrated with fish tacos and cheesecake. It was a perfect spring weekend that I rounded out with a Sunday afternoon spent outside, reading. Let me repeat that. Outside. Without a coat. Reading a book. Glorious, I tell you. Spring is on the way, you guys, and life is good.

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