Spring is not pretty

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring is not pretty. Maybe in some far off place, like California, spring is a beautiful season, but here in Virginia spring is old winter grass, dead leaves, mud, pale skin, and chilly breezes. Spring is the contradiction of flats and piles of old snow; the bizarre in-between stage of warmth and cold. Over time, I think we've glorified spring through Instagram filters, Pinterest images, and an overall excitement of what's to come. We pretend that spring is all tulips and blue skies and pastels galore. And that's okay.

Spring deserves to be glorified a little, a lot even. After a long winter, we are more proned to notice the little things about spring that make it beautiful. The first daffodil blooms, a sunbeam across our office desk, an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, a tint of green in the dead brown grass. We ignore the ugly parts of spring -- the rainy days, the lingering chill -- and we choose to the appreciate the little things. We admire and lift them up. We embrace them wholeheartedly and sing their praises. We ignore the things that remind us of the past and embrace the freshness of what the future holds.

There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

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  1. Those flats though.... And yes, the flats/old snow combo hit me today. I just kept walking with gritted teeth thinking "it's spring... by george, it's spring."

    1. Haha! Love it. Isn't it funny that we never do this for any other season? We don't walk around in our puffy jackets and gloves on a warm fall day, thinking "It's winter! Yay!" but every spring we suffer through physical cold just to wear those cute flats and skirts! Crazy humans.


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