Taking Stock - March edition

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Making: googly eyes at my birthday present (see above). I named her Mamie Jeannette in honor of keeping great family names alive. She's happily hanging out in the living room and is the first thing I see when I walk in the door. Also, please excuse the cords that I didn't bother to move out of my photo.

Reading: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. I was slow to get into it, but the more I read it, the more I'm really liking it. We'll be discussing it later this month as a part of our monthly book club discussions.

Trying: to put the phone down. After too many snow/sick days spent cooped up in the house, my thumb has started mindlessly opening apps out of habit. It's a little sad. I'm putting myself in a phone time-out.

Wanting: to go on a shopping spree for everything Lou & Grey.

Watching: The Voice and Shameless

Obsessing: over my new pack of Le Pens (only a list maker/note taker/writer would obsess over a pen). I keep several on my desk at work and even more scattered around the house. The reviews for these pens didn't lie. They're really great!

Listening: to Meghan Trainor on Spotify

Loving: the way it smells outside. Weird, I know, but it has been raining all week and the wet ground combined with the warmer temps makes this hardy dirt smell that just smells like spring. 

Looking: forward to getting a massage this week.

Eating: popcorn with a handfuls of chocolate chips and raisins. What started as a weird craving has turned into a nightly tradition. Healthy-schmealthy.

Drinking: nothing of interest, but after seeing these smoothie recipes I think I need to up my game.

Wishing: that spring break existed in the work world as well. I'd give anything for a trip to the Florida right about now. Instead, I'll just keep pinning to my travel board.

Playing: Dwelp on my phone. Although, I recently got stumped on a level and haven't been able to get past it, so it's not really fun at the moment.

Feeling: a mix of excitement, worry, thankfulness, sadness, contentment and anticipation. Is there a word to describe that mixture?

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  1. Loved Z! Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    1. Oh, man. I had no idea I was going to have so many strong opinions about this book. I've started jotting them down so I can remember them all. It's gonna be a good discussion!


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