Weekend links 3.13.15

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th! This is a photo from last weekend when Mark got busy in the kitchen, baking banana bread and chocolate chip cookies, and I stole his creations to take Instagram photos. We make a great team. :) They're calling for a rainy weekend in these parts, so I think another batch of cookies is in order. Have a happy spring weekend!

What kind of texter are you? I'm most definitely The Classicist.

I'm glad to be out of an apartment, but look how cute!

School lunches from around the world. I would totally eat these.

Sign me up for these mini key lime pies. Adorable!

Things are getting nerdy up in here, but this random word generator is actually fun. And speaking of nerdy, do you know the difference between which and what?

I discovered these Ivy Muse plant stands via Apartment 34 this week....and then discovered that they don't actually ship to the U.S. Whomp whomp. But so pretty, right?!

Bridget's Target post is hilarious and also dangerous. I may or may not have made a trip to Target afterwards.

5 myths about daylight saving time. We had a discussion at work this week about lovely DST and the greatest point that was made was this: Why do we refer to the four months that we're not on Daylight Saving Time as Standard Time. How is it standard if it only happens for one-third of the time?

Speaking of DST, I can't help but take this moment to share a pet peeve of mine. Despite what you hear people saying all the time, it's actually called Daylight SAVING Time, not SAVINGS. There is no "s" on the end. You're welcome.

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