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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vol. thirty-six
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On faking it and sisterly love (via Wit & Delight)
The truth is "faking it" doesn't stop once you reach big adult benchmarks. Faking it is part of evolving. Faking it gives us the balls we need to get to the next stage in our careers. Faking it can be a vacation from reality, and faking it can get you into deep, deep water. At some point, we have to know when faking it counts as fair play, and when it can derail your life.

Forget reducing stress - Just add more joy (via Yes and Yes)
Subtracting the stressful things from our lives — the long commute, the ridiculous sister-in-law, the snarky co-worker, the loud neighbor — isn't always possible. Spending a lot of time and energy thinking about those things might just make us feel powerless and even more stressed. But what if we just add more joy to our daily lives. What if we make an active choice to do more of the things that fill us up and make us really, truly happy? When we add more joy to our lives, there's simply less room for stress. We all have limited space in our brains and hearts and it's hard to nurse a grudge at our colleagues when we're busy laughing into our pho with a friend during a workday lunch.

5 ways to develop confidence in the workplace (via The Everygirl)
One of the most frustrating parts about being a less confident person is watching as others seem to glide through life. They speak up in meetings. They say yes to every challenge. They never seem rattled. They exude confidence. Meanwhile, you're sure people are just a day away from discovering that you're a fraud. But if you asked most people point-blank how confident they were, you'd be surprised how many feel the same way you do. Even the remarkable Maya Angelou and talented Emma Watson have admitted to this unsettling feeling, known as the Imposter Syndrome. Don't fall for it. You deserve to be exactly where you are, and you will continue to achieve good things. We are all human, and we are all just doing the best we know how.

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