Weekend Links 4.17.15

Friday, April 17, 2015

Podcasts all day, every day. Here are 7 more to add to your list.

Also related, why do audio stories captivate us so much?

Laugh of the week: A Republican senator who's rocking at Twitter. Well, not really.

I've been listening to this Otis Redding song on repeat all week.

Another great article: There's no mayonnaise like my mayonnaise.

Intrigued by the idea of creating a work uniform. Don't think I would ever do it, but interesting nonetheless.

Science backs me up: The best time to write is in the morning.

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  1. The link about Chuck Grassley's Twitter really made my morning! haha! "N" and "pantsburnlegwound" were my personal favorites.

  2. Yes! We were laughing so hard about that in my office at work. And the "Give me a break! Twitter only allows 120 characters!" :D


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