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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

She: Waking up early. Counting steps. Dropping clothes off at the dry cleaners and feeling rather grown-up about it. Soaking up sunshine while reading yet another book. Cooking dinner and singing along to Otis Redding in the kitchen. Imagining the future and thinking about the time when it won't be imagined anymore, but real. Dreaming about booking flights to a beach somewhere. Probably thinking too much — as always. Loving this 80 degree weather. Hitting a good rhythm at work. Breathing in the scent of lilacs. Watching episodes of The Good Wife and playing Duolingo on her phone.

He: Researching the perfect color to paint his bike. Showing his wife shortcuts in Candy Crush. Fixing the lawn mower and tackling our jungle of a yard. Planning after-work bike rides. Travelling a lot for work. Sneezing from allergies and all the lilacs that his wife brings into the house. Wearing short sleeves. Watching The Voice. Discovering video text. Giving back rubs. Eating jalapenos. Organizing the basement and whole house, for that matter.

Inspiration for this post came from Design for Mankind. Another great blog you should check out. 

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