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Monday, May 18, 2015

Life lately has been crazy busy, for several reasons. I fell asleep more than one night last week with the light on because I was planning on reading my book and then started snoring before I even opened the cover. There has been a lot going on BUT, despite the fact that the laundry and dust bunnies are taking over our house, there has been a lot of little happy moments as well. Sometimes it takes scrolling back through my camera roll to remember that. I'm happy to have these quick snapshots of little things that make me smile during the week and remind me that it's often the little things that bring us the most joy.

King of Pops showed up at a recent work event and, even though I've been trying to eat healthier this month, I made an exception for a chocolate sea salt popsicle. It was beyond perfect! 

I went for a walk one day during my lunch break and found this rose bush blooming its little heart out. I love making time to get out of the office for a few minutes every day and walk around. Not only do I get to get in my 10,000 steps (and see pretty things like this), but it helps the blasting AC not feel as bad once I get back. Why must the ac be soooo cold all the time? My office is like a refrigerator!

We took a quick trip downtown last week with my cousins who are visiting from out of town to introduce them to the beautiful James River. I am so bad about wanting to go home and crash on the couch after work and forget that there's a really awesome city right outside my door. I'm glad for visitors that make us get out and explore this city of ours while we still can.

That same night we ate dinner on Bottoms Up's roof-top patio and I tried crab pizza for the first time ever. People. There are no words for this amazing creation. It was delicious! If you get a chance to visit Richmond, make sure you swing by Bottoms Up. They're located right beneath the train tracks in Shockoe Bottom, so not only do you get to enjoy the pizza but also a few trains rumbling overhead.

I swung by Stella's Grocery one day last week to pick up lunch and couldn't help but smile. This is the sweetest little market you've ever seen. I was good that day and just tried their chicken salad (which is packed with apples!!) but one of these days I'm going back for the pastries. They looked delicious!

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  1. I am just catching up on some of your Richmond posts and I love them! Stella's market is around the corner from my apartment and we LOVE walking there every afternoon either with the pup or to pick up a quick dinner. I'm a sucker for twinkly lights and delicious food.


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