This Week's Notes 5.1.15

Friday, May 01, 2015

I'm changing my normal weekend links post up a bit today. In fact, I'm changing the whole blog up (if you haven't noticed)! I'll be back on Monday to talk about that a little more. For now, I'm excited to share a short recap of the week as well as my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy!

This week
Even the rain and clouds couldn't keep us away from the Robinson Street Walkabout this past week. Once a year, all of the shops on this particular street in Richmond open their doors and offer products at a discount. The rain made it a little difficult to stroll the street, but we did stop to pick up some crabcake sandwiches from Acacia. They were absolutely delicious and Mark was still talking about them that night!   

A moment I want to remember
Last Saturday was so rainy and cold that Mark and I both took an afternoon nap. Oh the joys of lazy weekends! We slept through dinner and when we woke decided to venture out in the pouring rain to get Chinese takeout. We hadn't called ahead, so we ended up sitting together in the car, watching the lightning, while we waited for our food. Sometimes the most ordinary moments really are the happiest.

A lesson I learned
I suck at crafts. No, really. It's bad. I tried to do a simple DIY this week and failed miserably. I even had Mark help me and still bungled it. I plan to try again next week with some better materials, but ohmygoodness making things can be so frustrating!

A plan for the weekend
This weekend, we're walking in the MS Walk for a special friend. The weather looks perfect and I'm excited to spend some time outside.

And now, links!

Random idea: Turn your marriage license into a pillow!
How to stop checking your phone like an addict
It's weird, I know, but I am down for putting potato chips in everything...even rice krispies.
10 tricks to appear smarter in meetings. Died laughing over this. I think I'll try some of these out.
These potatoes look delicious!
10 random jobs you've probably never thought about.
Do you use a Fitbit? This post has really tempted me to get one.
Now you can lick a cactus!
Always love pictures of The Standard Hotel. We loved our time there!
How social media is changing the English language. Was I the only one who had to look up what "on fleek" means?
Speaking of which, what does it mean when a friend texts hahaha instead of hehehe?!

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  1. I love the look of your blog now! I have been toying with renaming mine to match my Etsy shop and to be more indicative of the work I do, but I'm just not sure yet if I want to take the plunge. You may have given me the courage to do so though! :) Looks great! And as always, I love reading your weekend link posts.


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