This Week's Notes 5.22.15

Friday, May 22, 2015

This week
I was proud of myself for dragging my sleepy butt out of bed almost every morning this week to go for a walk. I haven't lost any weight going on these daily walks and most days I don't quite get to 10,000 steps but I am always happy when I take the time to do it. There's so many pretty things along my walk (like that gorgeous rose bush and picket fence above) and it also gives me some time to listen to podcasts — a plus for people like me who have a very short commute to and from work. I listened to this episode of This American Life this week and was literally laughing out loud at the part where little kids tell other little kids how babies are made.

A plan for the weekend
Yay for long weekends, although I can hardly believe that Memorial Day is already here! Technically, this is our wedding anniversary weekend, but we are holding off celebrating until next weekend when we have tickets to a Secret Sisters concert! When we chose May 25th as our wedding date, I remember telling Mark how awesome it would be that we would have a long weekend every year to celebrate our anniversary. Then we realized that everyone has a long weekend on that particular day in May which means all the hotels and restaurants are completely packed or booked in advance. Womp womp. It has worked out, though, because we usually just celebrate before or, in this case, after our actual wedding date. We're planning an overnight camping and kayaking trip this weekend which is right up my outdoor-loving husband's alley. I'm usually the person who prefers floating rather than paddling down the river, but I can totally get on board with some time on the water. Have a great weekend, everyone!

And now, links!
Try teaching your kids not to color on the walls with this in your house.
I've fallen in love with this rhinoceros wallhanging (the whole shop, really!).
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