This Week's Notes 5.8.15

Friday, May 08, 2015

This week
There have been so many good things about this week, it's a little ridiculous. The warm, summer-like weather plus some really exciting news has made me finish out the week smiling like a fool. Keep the good vibes coming, May.You're shaping up to be a really great month! 

A moment I want to remember
During our evening walks, Mark and I almost always run into this elderly, suspender-wearing man, walking his little black pug named Precious. "Little" is not a very accurate description, though, as she is the fattest little dog I've ever seen. She stares us down as we walk up until her owner finally tells her, "Go say hi, Precious" at which point Precious barrels over to us, snorting and drooling around our feet.  They make quite a pair and we've got several laughs out of poor overweight Precious. 

A lesson I learned
It's so much easier to get up in the morning when you set one alarm and have to get up versus setting six alarms and hitting snooze all morning. You guys probably already knew this, but my stubborn anti-morning self took 24 years to learn that lesson. Also, unrelated, but just as good: you can roast corn in the oven

A plan for the weekend
Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you mama's out there. We're planning a low-key weekend with a trip home to my mama's house on Sunday.

And now, links!
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