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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vol. thirty-seven
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#FOODWINEWOMEN (via Food & Wine)
Your life is yours, and it's going to suck sometimes and be great sometimes. It's going to hurt so bad that you want to turn around and crawl into a hole. It's going to be so high and wonderful that you will wonder how to keep it there (and you'll fail at that). You'll make mistakes, but you won't ever give up — not because someone gave you that advice, but because it's more fun that way. And you're good at it. — Jeni Britton Bauer

The Art of Being Apart (via The New York Times)
More than 2,000 years ago, Pliny the Younger (Pliny the Younger!) wrote to his wife, Calpurnia: "The eagerness of my desire to see you is incredible. ... I pass a great part of the night in thinking of you. In the day too, at those hours, when I used to see you, my feet carry me spontaneously ... to your apartment, from whence I constantly return much out of humour and dejected." If Calpurnia had been sending him Snapchats, I doubt he would have felt the same.

The Crossroads of Should and Must (via Medium)
Should is how others want us to show up in the world — how we're supposed to think, what we ought to say, what we should or shouldn't do. It's the vast array of expectations that others layer upon us. When we choose Should the journey is smooth, the risk is small. Must is different — there aren't options and we don't have a choice. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. It's our instincts, our cravings and longings, the things and places and ideas we burn for, the intuition that swells us from somewhere deep inside of us. Must is what happens when we stop conforming to other people's ideals and start connecting to our own. Because when we choose Must, we are no longer looking for inspiration out there. Instead, we are listening to our calling from within, from some luminous, mysterious place.

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