10 Wedding Registry Must Haves

Monday, June 01, 2015

There's no two ways about it: registering for your wedding is fun! A little overwhelming, but mostly fun. I remember flipping through magazines as a kid and mentally checking off everything I wanted. (Wait a second...I still do that!) Registering for your wedding is a lot like that, except this time you can actually get the things that you mentally checked off.

When we first got engaged, I signed up for The Knot and every other wedding website out there. (Don't judge, you know you did it too.) The thing about these websites is they all have handy little lists for everything wedding related, including what you should register for. They had everything organized by category: Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Patio, and Entertainment with little check boxes beside each item and I fell for this sweet organized goodness hook, line, and sinker.

Now that we're going on two years of married life, I feel a little more educated to write about what you actually need to register for. Here's a hint: it's not 10 china place settings like those pretty organized lists will tell you. The list below is a accumulation of favorite gifts we received from our registry, as well as some that we didn't think to register for and really needed later on. Hopefully this will help if you're getting ready to register for your own wedding!

1. Blankets are always a good idea. Snuggling in bed is nice, but there inevitably comes the time when your spouse is hogging the blankets in the middle of the night and you're laying there freezing. In our case, I'm the one hogging and Mark is the one laying there cold. (whoops) So, lesson learned, having an extra blanket to reach for in the middle of the night is a great marriage saver. We registered for these Threshold blankets from Target and love them!

2. Serving bowls are great to have on hand. This was one thing I failed to register for and later wished we had. I had plenty of cereal bowls, but nothing to serve large portions in when we had guests. Most times, I would just split the food up into two smaller bowls and then place them on different ends of the table. This worked well when we had a large number of guests since we didn't have to worry about passing food to the other end of the table. Still, a large serving bowl is always helpful.

3. You need everyday plates way more than you need eight settings of fine china. When we first moved into our house, my sister gifted us with a set of melamine plates from West Elm (similar set here) which we use all the time. They're smaller and more durable than my "fancier" set (this Threshold set from Target), plus it's always nice to have an alternative.

4. You can't have enough silverware. Due to a registry glitch, we ended up receiving two sets of silverware which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We never have to pull out mismatched forks when we have a lot of guests over!

5. Tupperware is probably the most unglamorous gift you can give newlyweds, but it is so needed. We ended up buying not one, but two more sets after we were married because we used them so much. They're great for packing lunches and leftovers into and, although, we have a cabinet full there never seems to be enough. Between the fridge and the sink, they're always in use, so having a few extra is a plus!

6. We don't really need a vacuum, we thought. We can use the small electric one we already have, we thought. Who needs a fancy vacuum anyway, we thought. I'm here to tell you: Yes, you do need a vacuum! Our opinions on this topic changed drastically after we moved into our first house and I realized how quickly this white Ikea rug collects dirt. Mark gifted me with our first vacuum for my birthday last year and I was thrilled! #grandmastatus

7. A slow cooker will be your best friend. Especially in the middle of winter when it's dark by 5:00 and you're just getting home from work.

8. A cake stand is an unnecessary splurge that the bridge probably won't invest in herself, so get it for her. It's one of those things that isn't really needed, but it makes any kitchen counter look that much sweeter. Plus, a cute cake stand is a great way to disguise her sad attempt at baking.

9. You may think you are prepared for life with a boy, but there are always surprises. For example, how incredibly dirty they can get after spending a few short hours in the garage. Make sure you register for plenty of towels, because if your house is anything like ours they'll pretty much always be in the wash.

10. Gift cards or cash is always a welcome gift.
I used to think that giving someone a gift card made it look like you didn't have time to get them anything else. Now I think otherwise. We so appreciated the gift cards we received at our wedding, because we could use them to buy the remaining items from our registry. A lot of stores will give newlyweds a discount on any items that are remaining on their registry after their wedding date and having gift cards to purchase those items with was a huge help!

What did I leave off? Is there an item that you think all newlyweds need to have? If so, leave it in the comments. I'm curious to hear! I also feel like I could write a whole separate post on where to register. If you're married, where did you register? Would you recommend it to an engaged couple?

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  1. Oh my word: a vacuum is so necessary! I just registered for a cheap one...and I so wish I had registered for a legit, nice one. Because before you know it, the cheap vacuum is broken and you have to spring for a nicer one yourself. Other things I so appreciated getting and use very often were my Kitchenaid mixer, my hand held mixer, my bed linens, and my Keurig.

    1. Bed linens! I forgot to list that one. I never realized how freakin' expensive they were until I went to buy them for myself.


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