Taking Stock - June edition

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seeing bare walls and an air mattress. Sounds creepy, but it's really not. We moved everything to Georgia this past weekend, but are currently back in Virginia while we wrap up the last bit of stuff with our house here. It's a little weird living out of a suitcase in your own house, but soon it won't be ours anymore!

Eating out a lot. With no pots and pans (not to mention, plates and utensils) I'm not even attempting to make meals for myself.

Appreciating that the hard part of packing is over. Now comes the unpacking and organizing which, in my opinion, is 10x better than wrapping and boxing.

Watching Aquarius and Orange Is The New Black. I've been binge-ing on both while snacking on this sweet & salty kettle corn. So good!

Drinking so much water lately. I got a June Jar recently and love it. An added benefit is that I'm gulping down water like mad. Hydration station over here.

Reading Broken Harbor by Tana French. It's due back to the Richmond library in a few days, so I'm rushing to finish before we leave town for good.

Celebrating Mark's birthday! We celebrated early over the weekend, but today is his official bday. He never reads my blog, but happy birthday anyway, love!

Wearing these knock-off Birkenstocks from Target. I can't believe I hopped on this train, but they are SO comfortable!

Using this version of Suave's dry shampoo. It's a little more expensive than the kind I normally get, but it really means it when it says "no visible residue". No more white granny hair!

Loving my new Fitbit Charge. Seriously, it was like Christmas morning when I opened it!

Playing around with Google Calendar. I just started using it recently but now that I've figured out how to create events in different categories, I've gone a little overboard. Here's how bad it is: I've been doing better at getting 10k steps/day in now that I've created an accent color for exercising. The more I walk the prettier my calendar looks. Motivation is a powerful thing. ;)

Savoring these last few days in our neighborhood.

Printing photos from my phone. Every month or so, I go on a photo purge in order to free up storage on my phone and it makes me sad that so many great memories are being deleted. So, I've started printing these photos out and storing them in a cheap photo album. They're not the best photos and I still use Chatbooks for my Instagram photos, but they'll be fun to look back on one day.  And also, living rooms need more photo albums these days! What has happened to them all?!

Looking forward to the Fourth of July and some fun outings we have planned.

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