This Week's Notes 6.26.15

Friday, June 26, 2015

Instead of the typical Friday post breakdown, I thought I would give a quick life update here. We are still in Richmond at the moment, but our time here is quickly drawing to a close. We'll be spending time with family and some special friends over the weekend before we have to say goodbye for the time being.

Our little house in Athens is ready and waiting for us. We were able to move the majority of our things last weekend and even got a good head-start on unpacking and organizing. I snapped that picture one night while we were unloading last week. I'm not going to mind those front yard sunset views one bit! I'll be stepping away from the blog next week while we finish up the last leg of this move, but plan to be back typing away in this space in early July. Have a great weekend and Fourth of July!

Here are a few links that I've loved recently:
Are weddings getting too out of hand?
How to host an awesome game night.
Gimme all the planters!
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Speaking of, this movie on Netflix about a voice coach is really good!
True crime podcasts for fans of Serial.
I want to make a blanket like this so bad. If only yarn wasn't so darn expensive!

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