This Week's Notes 6.5.15

Friday, June 05, 2015

We went to see The Secret Sisters in the tiny town of Hopewell, Virginia this week. They were playing at the coolest theater called The Beacon which reminded me a lot of The Byrd here in Richmond. I found out later that the two theaters were actually designed by the same guy in the 1920s. Cool, huh? I can't say enough good things about The Secret Sisters. They are just as sweet in person as you would imagine and their harmonies are beyond beautiful! I've been listening to this song on repeat ever since their concert. We also got to hear Striking Matches, a duo who has written some songs for the show Nashville. I have never seen someone's hands move as fast on a guitar as Sarah Zimmerman's! They're really good if you're looking for some new music to listen to this summer.

And now, links!
The small, happy life
The grass is always greener - the picnic blanket version.
The evolution of a peonies
Emojis: you're using them wrong.
I like the idea of creating a color story for your home.
This USA map poster is so beautiful!
I would totally buy an adult coloring book.
The simplest DIY for sprucing up those plastic black planter pots.
If this tip actually works, I will be using it all the time!
The renovation process of an Aistream named Louise

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