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Monday, June 22, 2015

Vol. thirty-eight.
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Why is it so hard to enjoy our happiness? (via Yes and Yes)
Let's learn to sit in our happiness (even if it makes us a little uncomfortable.) Let's honor all the hard work and time and money that went into any given moment of transcendent joy. For every joy and laughter-filled dinner party, there are hours of menu planning, cooking, and clean up. For every triumphant finish-line-crossing, there are months of training and sweat and compromise. When we rush through our happiness, we're disrespecting all the hard work we put into making those moments happen. We owe it to ourselves (and our bank accounts and calendars) to stay in those moments of joy and actually, you know, enjoy them.

Like it or not, you're always being evaluated (via Medium)
The volleyball was what made me notice Nate. The way he played made me decide that he was going to be a winning business person. Little things, mind you. The effort he put in. The teamwork he demonstrated. A lot of times in sports, I try to impose my will. There were a few times I can definitely say I tried to break his will. But it never broke. He never gave in. That really struck me. Essentially, Nate's career is due to a seven hour period of playing volleyball on and off with me in Vermont. And that fascinates me. I think it can map to many other people's careers. You never know who's watching. You never know what they're looking for. Give everything your best effort, no matter the task at hand.

This one simple thing can make your life much better (via The Happiness Advantage via Time)
One study found that people who just thought about watching their favorite movie actually raised their endorphin levels by 27 percent. Often, the most enjoyable part of an activity is the anticipation. If you can't take the time for a vacation right now, or even a night out with friends, put something on the calendar — even if it's a month or a year down the road. Then whenever you need a boost of happiness, remind yourself about it.

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