A Trip to the Beach

Thursday, July 23, 2015

We spent all of last week in St. Augustine, Florida and it was wonderful.  We took relaxing to a next level, but that's what you're supposed to do at the beach right?! Here are a few pictures from our trip, if you'd like to see.

^ I worked remotely for the week and didn't hate the view from my "office" one little bit.^

^The best part about summer is that there are still hours of daylight in the evening after work. Nothing makes me happier than sitting outside in the daylight and realizing it's actually 9:00pm. ^

^We ate seafood almost every day (because duh), but this soft-shell crab BLT sandwich from the Salt Life Food Shack was something else. It was my first time trying soft-shell crab and although it was delicious, I had to have Mark bite the legs off before I could eat it. Something about fried legs hanging out of my sandwich....^

^You would think that the beach is a great place to get in 10k steps, but it was too enticing to just sit and watch the waves roll in. We finally got a walk in one night before we left right as the sun was setting. It was gorgeous, but after a week of  sitting at my laptop or lounging on the beach, 10k steps felt like some form of torture!^

^We met up with some sweet friends one day at Beaches at Vilano. It was about 100° outside so we sat inside, but their beach-side tables looked lovely. Their fried shrimp wasn't too bad either. :)^

^Love is letting your wife take numerous selfies, even if you hate them. And even if she doesn't know how to properly look at the camera.^

 ^The storms rolled in and then out again every evening. They were fast and furious and never lasted very long, but the clouds were amazingly beautiful. One evening on the beach, I looked up from my book to see rain pouring on either side of us and bright sun straight ahead. It was the coolest thing! The rain never did make it to the shore, but the lightning finally drove us in.^

Until next time, St. Augustine!

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