On Moving

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

We made it to Georgia! Insert all the emoji jazz hands and smiley faces here. I am calling this move officially over, even if there are a few unpacked boxes hidden in the guest room.

We made a decision early on to move our things to Georgia the week before our lease ended in Virginia. We thought it would make things a little less rushed if we weren't saving the big move for our last few days here. And it did. We had time to get things set up in Athens, clean house in Virginia, and tie up the last remaining moving details.

But it was a hard week.

I didn't think about what it was going to be like to have all of our belongings in another state and to be essentially "homeless" for a week. We still had our house in Richmond but that's all it was — a house with bare floors and no furniture. Life went on fairly normal during that week. I went to work every day, we went out to eat, we visited with my family, but I craved the feeling of going home to my space at the end of the day. I don't think I would make a very good nomad, because at the end of the day I want to curl up in a spot that's mine. In a way, it made it a little easier to leave Richmond. By the time we got to Georgia, I was so happy to be back amongst my stuff. 

Over breakfast that first morning in Georgia, Mark and I and my sister (who came down to help us unpack) were talking about some projects we could do in the house and before you know it we were at Lowe's buying gallons upon gallons of paint. What started out as a "Oh, it won't take long at all" project turned into a four-day "Will it ever end?!" project. The picture above became a very familiar scene around here! We were finally able to pack away the drop cloths and paint trays over the weekend, thank goodness. I was starting to get shaky from all the unorganized chaos in this house. (OCD much?)

We're finally starting to get settled now. This week is my first full week of working from home and, so far, I am loving it! I have to-do lists a mile long that include hanging photos on the walls, setting up our porch, and organizing the office, but for now it just feels nice to be working in the same state as my husband and living in a house with my own bed and sheets!

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