This Week's Notes 7.10.15

Friday, July 10, 2015

This week
I was looking forward to the start of this week so much. After a long weekend of projects and paint and organizing, I was ready for the routine of work again! 

A lesson I learned
The thought may have crossed my mind a few times before moving to Georgia of all the things I could get done at the house while working from home. Ha! There didn't seem to be a spare moment all week. It doesn't help that for every item I cross off my crazy long to-do list, four more items get added. Slowly, but surely — it's my new motto.

A plan for the weekend
We're driving to Florida this weekend to visit Mark's family. I'm definitely not hating the fact that we're just a few hours away from Florida now. Bring on the beach!

And now, links!
There are two kinds of people in this world.
A rag rug DIY bag
This simple lemonade recipe sounds delicious!
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American homes through the decades. Crazy how much styles have changed!
Bri has some great tips on how to beat blogger procrastination.
I have plant envy after looking over this indoor plant guide.

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