This Week's Notes 7.24.15

Friday, July 24, 2015

I was reminded how much I like mornings this week. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a morning person (please don't talk to me before 8am), but I do love the quietness of morning, the feeling of having a whole day stretched out ahead of you, and the way the sun starts glistening off dew-covered grass before it gets to be 1,000° out there. Because Mark leaves for work so early, I was waking up when he left and then tossing and turning in bed for another hour, worrying about him on the road. It's just been easier to get up when he leaves and enjoy a slow morning at home. I know that I feel better when I get up early but I'm amazed all over again by how much I get accomplished with those two extra hours in the morning. I've started doing piyo in the mornings and really like it so far. I know, I know, I'm one of those nerds who does fitness videos now. No offense if you do them too, but do you not feel just a little silly throwing your legs and arms around while the overly enthusiastic lady on the screen grins maniacally and tells you what a good job you're doing? I've gotten over it for the most part and have just been doing my thing — with the blinds shut tight, of course. I had been missing my morning walks around our old neighborhood and am just happy to get back into a fitness routine here. Pretty much all of our spare time has been spent working on projects around the house lately. I am the worst about moving because I want the walls painted, the pictures hung, the boxes gone, and the curtains just so right away. Mark has reminded me more than once this week that we've technically only been here for two weeks and it's okay if everything is not done yet. This whole week has been a lesson in patience for me. One project at a time. This weekend we're hoping to whip our front flower beds into shape with maybe a trip to Ikea tossed in for good measure. My next big project is organizing the office. You know how there's always one room in the house that turns into the catch-all room? Can you guess which one it is in our house? Yep. It's driving me crazy. A trip to the big blue box store is in order so we can get this room organized once and for all. That's enough rambling for the moment. Here are some links I've bookmarked this week:

All about these Instagram frames from Target
How to get rid of clutter without actually getting rid of it
Who wants to go to Nashville with me?
Yarn projects are having a moment right now. This is one I can get behind.
Muted neutrals with bright pops of color - now I know how to describe my favorite color scheme!
Anyone ever had air plants before? I'm thinking of giving them a try.

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