This Week's Notes 7.31.15

Friday, July 31, 2015

This week has been all about settling into new routines and trying to find my way around town without using Google Maps (#fail). The silver lining is that getting lost isn't all that bad, because sometimes you discover cute little gems like the one pictured above. Have a great weekend!

Some impressive words to drop in your next conversation.
I had major wanderlust looking at these beautiful photos of Mexico City.
One day I'll have one of Lulie Wallace's bug paintings in my home. I can't decide which one I like better — Curtis the Cicada or Fitz the Beetle.
Interesting blogging predictions for 2016
Why people who love the beach are the happiest people to be around.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful collection of shoes?! I want a pair so bad.
Chatbooks is having a big sale until midnight tonight. Use the code HOLDON for 20% off anything.

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