3 Long Reads Worth Reading

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Do you ever feel like our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter? Working in marketing, I hear all the time the importance of content being scan-able and bite-sized. But in between all the short snippets on the Internet, there are some real gems that deserve some time and attention. Here are three longer reads that I nodded along with/laughed at/thoroughly enjoyed recently.

Stop asking me how I afford to travel (via Huffington Post)
Whenever someone asks me how I afford to travel, I have to force myself not to respond with "selling Nutella by the spoonful and procrastinating Sallie Mae payments." It's just so funny because people think there's this magic formula out there. This one-size-fits-all-encompassing route that gives everyone an equal chance of seeing the world. But our equal chances don't mean we have an equal will or stubbornness to pursue traveling further than just a wish.

To be a teacher and remain a student (via Austin Kleon)
I'm trying to learn in the open. I'm letting others look over my shoulder while I figure things out. And even when I do think I've figured some things out, I'm trying to find more things to figure out, because learning is the thing that keeps me alive, keeps me moving forward. This, I think, is the great trick: To be a teacher and remain a student.

Good days (via Design For Mankind)
Bad vs. good is not the same as hard vs. easy. I have starred my easy days, cloaking them in my memory as simple, fun, happy, productive, efficient. Good. But the good days, too, are the ones where we grow, where we struggle, where we learn, where we fight. Where we fall into bed in a heap of tears and cry ourselves to sleep and restoration. The good days are the ones where we get up in the morning to face another day, fry another egg, clean another toilet. They are ripe with persistence and endurance and patience and grace and forgiveness and love, even when it's the kind through clenched teeth. Especially when it's the kind through clenched teeth.

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