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Monday, August 17, 2015

Good Monday morning! We're just getting back from our trip to Virginia and I am happily ignoring the piles of laundry in our bedroom. I have a few photos from our trip to share this week, but in the meantime, here are three long reads I've enjoyed lately.

Why does everything look the same? (via Scientific American)
The criteria that potential home owners list for their dream home are indicative of today's cultural norms. We live in an age of social sharing so it's not surprising that we're looking to be open in our homes as well. We want to value relaxation in equal measure with productivity, and we want spaces that support these ideas. These rooms that are emphasized in a renovation or purchase in these programs are the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. The first two are public social spaces. They need to be impressive much in the sam away our social profiles should be impressive. We look to emphasize the positive aspects of our experiences online with the photos and statuses we share. Offline we want the social spaces within our home to encourage positive experiences for their occupants because that sends a message that we can afford to make people comfortable.

The Story We Tell With Our Stuff (via On Being)
I've been thinking a lot about the objects that surround us: the down jackets and the iPhones, the cordless blenders and the picnic blankets, the toys and the books. We have closets full, drawers full, cars full, garages full, attics and basements full, even storage units full. Too often, it feels like our stuff threatens to overtake us, as if it has a life of its own, rather than being an assemblage of our own incremental and, yes, largely unconscious making. You wake up one day, look around, and think: Where did all of this stuff come from? Who bought all these things? Why in the world did she think she needed them?

Confessions of a Copywriter (via Hubspot)
At home, we are aspiring novelists, screenwriters, food bloggers, Etsy rising stars, etc... At work, we peddle toothpaste, tampons, and tobacco. Yes, at times it can be hard to swallow words like "Save Big!" and "Discover Something Delicious!" But the way I see it, we still get a heck of a lot closer than most do to a job that allows us to make a living using our creative talents. And if we do it right, the work can change the way people think just as much as the next great Malcolm Gladwell book. Or be just as entertaining as the next great comedy. And every once in a while, you get a client to well up with the sound of your words. Or a product that gives deathly allergic children a safe diet option. Or a chance to write a published article that allows you total creative freedom to use ridiculous metaphors and pour your heart out. And if you think about it that way, it's actually a pretty rewarding job.

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