Goodbye Summer: Looking Back

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy first day of fall! How did we get here so fast? Oh, I know. Because summer only lasts forever when you are seven years old. Every summer after that seems to fly by in a blink.

Despite the fleeting summer days, I am so happy with where we are right now. We are more or less settled into our new home and ready to enjoy a (hopefully) long fall and short winter season. I pulled my summer goals recap out of the archives to review this week. Mostly because I couldn't resist the urge to cross items off a list, but also because it's fun to look back and see all the fun things we did this summer — in spite of a major move!

1. Spend a day at the river
This day seems like ages ago, but I'm so glad we were able to kick summer off this way. Summer is just not complete without a day spent on some form of water.

2. Eat some King of Pops popsicles
We made it to King of Pops' new Pop Patio right before leaving Richmond this summer. I still haven't been able to track them down here in Athens yet, but I will. I will.

3. Lay on the beach all day
What a bunch of lucky ducks. I'd gladly go back right now!

4. Visit the Georgia State Botanical Gardens
Now that we've gone once, I want to go back again! I think I'll add this to my fall to-do list as well. :)

5. Visit the Georgia Museum of Art
Sadly, this one hasn't happened yet. It is probably the perfect excursion to take once the weather gets cold and we can't spend so much time outside so I'm not crossing it off my list quite yet.

6. Go to the annual Richmond Bacon Festival
This was probably the hottest day of summer, but I was able to eat bacon ice cream so all was well.

7. Pack all our belongings in a truck and move to Georgia
I'm so happy this move is behind us. Hauling a 26ft truck down I-85 is no joke.

8. Go to a farmers market
Boo! How did the entire summer pass by without a stop at the Athens Farmers Market. This has got to be remedied ASAP.

9. Go tubing down the river
This was on the agenda for the Fourth of July, but unfortunately we were rained out. There's always next summer...

10. Read at least four books
So actually I read 13 books this summer. Overachieving much?! I'm contributing this solely to the Oyster app and how easy it is to fly through books on it. I really like that little app!

11. Eat tomato sandwiches for dinner
The entire summer almost passed me by without a tomato sandwich, but luckily my Papa brought me a whole bag full from his garden when he came to visit last week. Tomato sandwiches for days! :)

12. Set up a home office
Check. It gets unbearably messy at times, but I'm pretty happy with my little home office.

13. Take a barre class
If you asked me at the beginning of summer which item on this list I doubted would happen the most, it would have been this one. I really wanted to attend a class, but it's just so easy to make excuses and not go. When the local studio offered $5 classes, I couldn't make any more excuses. I really liked it and was sore for two days afterwards, so I know it definitely did some work!

14. Work on consistently getting 10k steps/day
I was horrible at this goal for the majority of summer, and then September rolled around and I've been meeting my goal consistently every day. Whoo hoo! Now to keep it up until the end of the year....

15. Drink more agua
This one was easy to check off the list. My trusty camelbak makes sure I get in water every day.

16. Spend a day being a tourist in Athens
We've been able to visit so many neat spots in Athens, but my list of places to visit and restaurants to eat at is growing every day. There really is no shortage of things to do in this town.

17. Print pictures off my phone to put in albums
Ooof. This was an epic fail. The photos I printed this past spring are still sitting in their envelopes gathering dust. I didn't think it would be so hard to find cute photo albums. They must be going extinct.

18. Go on a picnic
This hasn't happened yet either, but I think fall would be the perfect time to remedy that.

19. Spray paint our wicker set
Thanks to my mother-in-law this project was completed in a day!

20. Eat ice cream from Carl's
Oh, Carl's, I could go for a strawberry sugar cone right now.

Goodbye, Summer 2015. You've treated us good!

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  1. I love that you had put together a list for this summer and that you can look back at it now. It's a nice reason to recap all that has happened during this beautiful time of the year.

    1. It's always fun to look back, but it also really makes me miss summer!


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