September's List

Thursday, September 03, 2015

September is a transition month. It's the month when I'm still hanging onto every last drop of summer but also kinda sorta wishing I could wear that cozy sweater hanging in my closet or slip on a pair of ankle boots. It's the month to squeeze in one last tomato sandwich for dinner while eating chili and cornbread the next. The list lover in me couldn't let a new month start without writing down a few things to accomplish during it. The weekends have completely filled up and suddenly there's no free time until Halloween, but that's okay because my Google Calendar sure looks pretty. Plus they're all fun things! We're planning a few trips to familiar special places this month, but are also going to try to squeeze in time to visit some new ones as well. Despite the busyness of this month, I can feel myself slowing down and getting ready for slower seasons and shorter days. I've been itching to start some fall-ish projects and this month I'm determined to actually do them and not just talk about it. My goal is to make at least one item from my Pinterest board this month. I'm constantly pinning so much stuff, but never get around to executing the idea. September is the month to give it a shot and make something new. It's also the month to splurge on all the pizza and biscuits that we resisted in August. (Hallelujah!) You'll find me over here pulling out the Avett Brothers records, cozying up the corners of my house, and trying not to eat every donut under the sun. Happy September!

September's List
1. Get 10,000 steps every day.
2. Buy yarn for winter crochet projects.
3. Finish Whole30.
4. Take some roadtrips.
5. Work on our guest room.
6. Eat chili.
7. Make at least one item from my Pinterest board.
8. Eat pizza at Automatic.
9. Hang some photos.
10. Take a bike ride on the Belt Line.

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