Taking Stock - September Edition

Monday, September 28, 2015

a fresh bundle of pumpkin muffins, delivered to my door

Waking up to chilly fall-like mornings.

Smelling chili simmering in the crock pot.

Wanting to bake all the things — apple cake! pumpkin pie! donuts! — except who's going to eat all of that?

Reading Citizen Vince by Jess Walter

Listening to lots of Sam Lewis and Avett Brothers - the fall essentials.

Adding plants to {almost} every room in the house. I'm finding homes for my outdoor plants that need to come inside and also bringing some new plant babies into the family.

Going on evening runs with Mark. Well...he runs and I attempt to run/walk/jog/breathe. They say that half the battle is just showing up, right? So, basically, I'm winning.

Organizing my blog categories, which means going through the archives and fixing old post labels. If anyone knows an easy way to do this in Blogger, I'm all ears. In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away.

Looking forward to some upcoming post collaborations on the blog.

Excited for fall weekends, crunchy leaves, my first caramel apple spice of the season, and crock pot chili suppers.

Lighting this candle all the time. I think it may be the best smelling candle I own. Plus it has a wooden wick which is the best thing ever in candle world.

Starting the day with yoga. I've been following Yoga with Adriene and Brett Larkin's YouTube channels. Both have really great videos for beginners.

Realizing I'm much more selective about what I eat now that we've finished Whole30. I love not having restraints on what I can and can't eat, but I've also noticed that I really don't crave ice cream and sodas like I normally would. And don't even talk to me about fast food.

Wondering where all this fitness and health incentives came from lately. It only took me twenty-four years to want to eat better and exercise — and maybe even start to enjoy it a teeny bit. 

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  1. Ugh. I really should do that with my old post labels. I admire your gumption! And chili in the crockpot sounds (and I'm sure smells) amazing. I love crockpot meals on the days I work the store. Tomorrow I'm making crockpot barbacoa-- fingers crossed!

    1. Oooh that sounds good! Let me know how it turns out.


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