This Week's Notes 9.25.15

Friday, September 25, 2015


Happy weekend! I haven't done a weekend links post in a while. The weekends have been flying by! This week, I wanted to share with you a small business from Illinois that was recently nominated as a finalist in Martha Stewart's American Made competition — and just so happens to be run by my aunt! She and her husband make the beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards pictured above out of reclaimed black walnut wood. Each one is completely handmade and unique in its own right. If you have a two minutes to spare (because that is literally all the time it takes), you can vote for her here. Each person is allowed to vote up to six times per day, every day, until the competition ends. Or if you'd much rather look at more beautiful boards (and purchase one for yourself), you can visit her website.

And now some other links to check out:

Serial has announced its topic for season two. Are you as excited as I am?

The great debate: saying "you're welcome" versus "no problem". If you say "no problem," you're talking about yourself. If you say "you're welcome," the focus is still on the favoree, where it evidently belongs.

Someone invented a camera that will prevent you from taking cliche photos.

A nap on wheels aka "the nap tour".

How 17 successful companies got their names. Founder Ingwar Kamprad formed the name IKEA by combining his initials, I.K., with the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and village where he grew up. 

10 ways to shop your home

I recently discovered Easy Tiger Co. (adorable shop!) and now I really want this t-shirt. Cute, right?

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